Getting Our Aircraft Ready to Soar Again | Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

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For over 16 years, Etihad has been flying from Abu Dhabi to the world.

On a typical day, the airlines conducts over 220 flights. However, as Coronavirus began to spread globally, something unprecedented happened.

At the direction of the UAE Government, over 100 aircraft returned to Abu Dhabi in late March of 2020. Etihad Cargo continued to operate, and some aircraft remained active on critical routes in order to get people home. But for the rest of Etihad's fleet, their engines fell silent.

So what happens next? Well as it turns out, keeping an entire fleet of aircraft on the ground requires just as much expertise and dedication as it does to keep them in the air.

From enhanced maintenance to a complete refresh of its cabin interiors, discover what is being done to ensure that when the world is ready to travel again, Etihad will be ready too.

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